10 K-Pop Idols Who Left Their Company But Continued Promoting With Their Group

10 K-Pop Symbols Who Left Their Organization However Kept Advancing With Their Gathering

GOT7 dazzled fans with their commitment to their gathering and their fans, ahgases, when they caused their rebound this year in spite of passing on JYP Diversion in January of 2021.To to have the option to accumulate again as seven individuals with the privileges to their tunes, bunch name, and stage names was no simple accomplishment. GOT7 left a mark on the world prior this year when every one of the seven individuals formally turned into the lawful proprietors of the full brand name privileges to the group.GOT7’s accomplishment uncovered different gatherings who have had a part, or the full gathering, leave their unique organization yet had the option to advance together. The following are ten gatherings who keep on showing their gathering and fans love by proceeding with advancements after organization changes.

1. 2AM
2AM appeared through the endurance program Hot Blood Men. At first, the program champs shaped an eleven-part bunch called One Day under JYP Diversion. Before their authority debut, One Day was parted into two gatherings, 2AM and 2PM.2AM progressed forward as four individuals, Jinwoon, Jokwon, Seulong, and Changmin, who essentially centered around numbers. The gathering was dynamic from 2008 until 2015, when Seulong, Jinwoon, and Changmin left JYP Amusement. Jo Kwon additionally left JYP Diversion in 2017. They entered a break yet consoled fans that they were as yet ready to advance as 2AM notwithstanding being under their new organizations. The gathering finished their break subsequent to delivering their fourth little collection, Song 21 F/W in 2021.Most as of late, the gathering held a show this year on June 11 and 12.

2. Shinhwa
Hugely effective original gathering Shinhwa appeared under SM Diversion in 1998 preceding joining Great Amusement in 2004, where they acquired artistic liberty of their music.In 2007, the individuals generally made their own diversion organizations. They sought after performance professions before the gathering began their own administration organization in 2011 for bunch exercises, Shinhwa Organization, of which pioneer Eric is the CEO.The bunch commended its twentieth commemoration in 2018, with occasions booked all through the year to remember.

3. Feature (previously known as Monster)
Feature initially appeared under Shape Diversion in 2009 as Monster (likewise adapted as B2ST). The gathering stayed dynamic with Shape Diversion 2016 when they framed their own mark, Around Us Enertainment, and headed out in different directions from their long-lasting organization and previous part Hyunseung.CUBE Amusement claimed the brand names to Monster’s name, so the gathering pushed ahead under the new name, Feature. Junjyung withdrew from the gathering in 2019 and the gathering moved ahead as four members.The bunch delivered their most memorable full collection as Feature on Walk 21, 2022.

4. Brown Eyed Young ladies’ Narsha
Brown Eyed Young ladies appeared under Nega Organization in 2006 with four individuals. The gathering remained with their organization until 2015 when the individuals generally endorsed with Spiritualist Entertainment.In 2018, part Narsha left the organization, yet explained she would keep on advancing with Brown Eyed Young ladies beyond her independent activities.The full gathering got back in the game in 2019 when they delivered a cover collection called RE_vive.

5. APink’s Naeun
Apink appeared under IST Diversion (previously A 3D square Diversion and Play M Diversion) in 2011 as a seven part bunch. In 2013, part Yookyung left the gathering, and the excess six individuals proceeded to effectively advance together.Apink has stayed under their equivalent organization since their presentation, yet in 2021, their organization reported Naeun had headed out in different directions from IST Diversion. In spite of joining YG Diversion as an entertainer, Naeun proceeded with advancements with Apink prior to leaving the gathering in April of this current year.

6. MAMAMOO’s Wheein
MAMAMOO appeared under RBW (previously named WA Amusement) in 2014. The individuals have stayed together and as of late, Hwasa, Sun oriented, and Moonbyul recharged their agreements with the company.It was reported in June 2021 that Wheein decided to not reestablish her agreement, yet marked an augmentation to keep advancing with MAMAMOO until 2023.

7. Young ladies’ Age’s Tiffany, Seohyun, and Sooyoung
Young ladies’ Age appeared under SM Diversion in 2007 as a nine part young lady bunch until 2014 when Jessica left the group.Girls’ Age went on as eight individuals until 2017 when Seohyun, Tiffany, and Sooyoung left SM Diversion and the gathering went on rest. Every one of the eight individuals will return for the gathering’s impending collection discharge in August to recognize their fifteenth commemoration.

8. 2PM’s Taecyeon
2PM appeared under JYP Diversion in 2008. The gathering initially appeared with seven individuals, however proceeded ahead with six when Jay Park left in 2009.They stayed dynamic collectively until 2017 when 2PM went on break to satisfy their compulsory military assistance prerequisites. In 2018, six of the individuals recharged their agreements with JYP Diversion. Taecyeon endorsed with 51K, yet guaranteed fans he would keep advancing with 2PM.2PM delivered their seventh collection Must in 2021 and as of late praised their 5,000th day collectively.

BIGBANG appeared under YG Diversion in 2006. Initially five individuals, part Seungri resigned from media outlets in 2019. BIGBANG stayed dynamic until 2018 when they delivered their tune “Blossom Street.” In February of this current year, it was reported that T.O.P finished his agreement with YG Amusement, however would in any case partake in the gathering’s rebound alongside G-Winged serpent, Taeyang, and Daesung. BIGBANG delivered their tune “Still Life” in April of this current year.

10. 2NE1
2NE1 appeared under YG Diversion in 2009 as a four part bunch. The gathering was dynamic until 2015 when the individuals started to zero in on independent advancements. During their break, it was declared that Minzy had left the gathering in 2016, and later that very year, YG Amusement reported that 2NE1 disbanded. In 2016, Bom was set free from her agreement and joined D-Country Amusement. CL left the organization in 2019, and Dara left in May 2021.Although the gathering has not kept advancing since joining separate organizations, the individuals keep on showing each other love. CL regarded the gathering by welcoming her kindred individuals to perform with her at Coachella this year, denoting whenever they’ve first performed together as four since their 2015 Mothers execution.

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