Thai show makers with their number one entertainers

Thai show makers with their number one entertainers

Paa Jaew Yutthana
Paa Jaew is a chief and television show maker of Tanad Lakorn. He picks James Jirayu to play the main entertainers in the television dramatizations ‘Buang Hong’ and ‘Payakorn Sorn Ruk’.

Anne Thongprasom
Anne Thongprasom generally works with her lesser entertainer Imprint Prin in her television shows including ‘Punya Chon Kon Krua’, ‘Stomach muscle Ruk On the web’, and ‘My Significant other in Law’.Anne Thongprasom, an entertainer who goes to be a television dramatization maker, similar to her lesser entertainer Kimmy Kimberley Anne Tiamsiri to such an extent. She projects Kimberley in 3 television shows ‘Punya Chon Kon Krua’, ‘Stomach muscle Ruk On the web’, and ‘Piang Chai Kon Nee Mai Chai Crap Wised’.

Kai Varayuth
His number one entertainers are Child Yuke and Tik Jesdaporn. Kai Varayuth cast Child Yuke in a few television dramatizations including ‘Kaen Sanaeha’, ‘Malee Reang Rabum’, ‘Detch Look Nang Fah’ and ‘Santaya Tis Tarn’.Also, he picks Tik Jesdaporn in the television shows ‘Jao Baan Jao Reun’ and ‘Fertilizer Duang Haruetai’.

Noi Bussakorn
Ken Theeradeth, Noi Bussakorn’s significant other, consistently assumes the main part in the television dramatizations that she creates for Thai TV3 including ‘Kul Ruk Strawberry’, ‘Ra Rerng Fai’, and ‘Mee Piang Ruk’.
Pin Nathanan
Pin Nathanan, a television show maker of television Scene, has worked with Aum Atichart in different television dramatizations including “Nueng Dao Fah Diew”, “Khun Seuk”, “Pim Mala”, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Nong Arunosha
Her number one entertainer is Janie Thienphosuwan. She projects Janie Theinphosuwan in a few television dramatizations including ‘Yok Lai Mek’, ‘Suay Rerd Cherd Sode’, ‘Rang Ngao’, ‘Dao Kiew Deun’, ‘Kam Lai Mas’, and ‘Rang Ngao 2’.
Off Pongpat
Off Pongpat like the acting ability of Taew Natapohn. He worked with Taew Natapohn in 6 television dramatizations ‘Hua Jai Tune Park’, ‘Dong Crap Dee’, ‘Wieng Roy Dao’, ‘Suparburoot Jutathep: Khun Chai Ratchanon’, ‘Luead Mung Korn: Raed’, ‘Rak Nakara’, and a film ‘Nakee 2’.
Aom Phiyada
A senior entertainer habitually picks Vill Wannarot to assume the main part for her television show.

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